Site Rules

Welcome to the Rules page of Rail Victoria. We advise all members to read this page at least once so they have an idea of the rules at Rail Victoria.

- Forum and Posting Rules
- MSTS Content Rules
- Website Rules
- Awards
- Rail Victoria TV


Forum and Posting Rules:

- Post useful and accurate information
- No rude, derogatory or insulting comments or put downs
- Anyone seen to be bullying will be given an initial warning before being permanently banned should they choose to reoffend
- Gimmie Pigging in the Simulator forums will not be accepted
- No threads in full capitals
- Please DO NOT overuse smilies
- While there is no limit to posting – please do not post too much in one day. We’d like to see you enjoying life outside the site
- SWEARING is unacceptable – any post with swear words will be edited/removed by a Moderator
- We ask that if you wish to use the same or similar signature as another user that you MUST PM them asking them first
- Have fun and enjoy the Rail Victoria Forums

MSTS Content Rules:

- Do not upload screenshots of reskinned/pre release content unless given express permission from the owner
- Do not upload downloadable content if you are not the owner or do not have express permission to do so from the said owner

Website Rules:

- If you wish to contribute information, please fill in and submit a form on the Contact Page
- Please do not upload other people’s images without their permission. If permission is granted, please not this in the description
- Refer to MSTS Content rules for guidelines regarding the MSTS section
- Information that is not yours must be quoted and referenced – you must state where you got this information from. We would prefer that you provide us with your own unique information
- Our live support page must not be abused, if you abuse it you will be blocked from it


- Awards are given half yearly. Award Winners will have their names on the Award Winners Page
- Please nominate possible recipients of these awards by using the appropriate threads
- Feel free to create new award categories, however please do not create offensive or rude awards. Visit the Forums for award nominations
- For your vote to count – ensure your vote is in by the deadlines, which will be announced via the forums and email service

Rail Victoria TV:

- This is our Youtube channel, where you can contribute your videos for our site
- Must be your own work
- Can be any length, better to have high quality
- To submit a video please email